New Horizons

It seems like we’ve finally made it through the COVID pandemic. Looking to the future, we now face the essential question: How ready are we for the new normal? A “culture of change” is about more than just how you dress for the office or how formal you are with your colleagues. To me, it’s a question of how adaptable an organisation’s employees are and how they handle uncertainty.

As Heraclitus rightly pointed out, “the only constant is change”. The question is: how can we successfully turn changes into opportunities?

With that in mind, our lead article by pensions expert Konstantin Wyser explains the excellent potential offered by executive pension schemes. The winds of change are blowing through the swisspartners offices after extensive renovation – the new Bel Air office marks a new era in terms of our working culture. In his analysis of the financial market, Peter Ahluwalia comes to the conclusion that we should see change as an opportunity. ESG specialist Dino Lüssi explains why anyone who values sustainability would be well-advised to combine traditional assets with ESG investments. And in our WHO IS column, Andreas Galliker, swisspartners‘ new Head IT, reveals how he is stepping up to meet the challenges presented by the digital transformation.

Here’s to new horizons!


Markus Wintsch
CEO swisspartners Group

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